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Brand : Helix Nutrition

Ab-ton3r: Is a Stimulant-free Metabolic Activating Formula Designed to Help Target Abdominal Fat, Tighten Mid-section, and Lower Cholesterol. 100% Money Back Guarantee

AB-TON3R by Helix Nutrition is our non-stimulant metabolic activating formula designed to help target abdominal fat. With its precise blend of Conjuugated Linoleic Acid & other high-quality fatty acids, AB-TON3R will make the most of your metabolism to aid in fat burning & antioxidant protection.* -Contains Fat Burning Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA). Research has shown that CLA lowers body fat while preserving muscle tissue. -Contains EPA and DHA which aids in lowering body fat percentage and improving cognitive function. Additionally, EPA and DHA are key components in achieving the ultimate goal of reducing cellular inflammation. -Alpha-linolenic acid aids in preventing heart attacks, lower high blood pressure, and lower cholesterol.


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