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MiCkey T Eight 32oz- BEST MCT OIL ON AMAZON! 100% Pure C-8 Caprylic Acid MCT- NOT A BLEND – The ONLY Made in USA-Kosher- 8-Carbon MCT Oil from Coconut/Palm Kernel

MiCkey T Eight is state of the art nutrition… Perfect in your morning Bulletproof® Coffee… Soon you’ll be saying “GIMME SOME JAVA WITH A SHOT OF MICKEY T”.. MCT (Medium Chain Trigycerides) are fatty acids in the form of oil that contains 6-12 Carbon Chains. Most fats are Long Chains, but shorter chain fats are less likely to be stored as body fat and provide immediate energy without an insulin spike like sugar… Coconut oil is an abundant source of MCT, but only about 7% is the pure C-8 Caprylic Acid found in MiCkey T Eight. In fact it takes over 36 pounds of raw coconut to make a bottle of MiCkey T Eight. Virtually all MCT on the market is a 60-40 blend of C-8 and C-10. MiCkey T Eight is 100% Pure C-8 Caprylic Acid MCT Oil… This is important because MCT is metabolized by the liver into ketone bodies which are quickly burned for energy. Studies show that C-8 is over 30% MORE “ketogenic” than C-10 making MiCkey T Eight one of the most powerful energy foods you can eat… Mix it with Organic Coffee and Grass Fed Butter for the BEST Bulletproof® Coffee, or pour over salad with Lemon and Balsamic Vinegar for a burst of clean energy… Other products sold as Caprylic Acid on Amazon are in pill or cap formats, and can cost well over $5 (34 pills @ .16) for the equivalent Caprylic Acid in one tablespoon of MiCkey T Eight at about $.66 a tablespoon. Plus pills can contain ingredients that you may not want at all… WARNING: While the ingredients in MiCkey T Eight are the finest available and Generally Regarded as Safe by the FDA, it can cause gastric distress and loose stools in some people. START SLOW .. a teaspoon at a time up to 3 tablespoons a day. Taking with food can help… Packed with pride and love in a food grade BPA free container .. Read label for more info ..


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